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Capital Campaign


Creative Giving A-Z

A    Automobiles, Acreage, Antiques, Art

B    Bonds, Boats, Baseball Cards

C    Cash, Crops, Computers, Coins

D    Diamonds, Dividends

E    Estates, Endowments, Electronics

F    Farms, Furniture, Furs, Fine China

G   Gems, Gifts in Kind, Gold, Guns

H   Heirlooms, Houses, Hunting Equip

I     Insurance Policies, Inheritances,

      Income Tax Refunds, IRA Transfers

J     Jewelry, Junk Bonds

K   Kitchen Appliances

L    Land, Labor, Landscaping, Livestock

M   Motor Homes, Mutual Funds,

      Musical Instruments, Motorcycle

N   Notes (Treasury), Necklaces

O   Options, Overtime Pay

P    Properties, Power Tools

Q   Quartz, Quick Assets

R    Rings, Real Estate, Rebates

S    Stocks, Sculptures, Savings,

      Sports Tickets, Silver

T    Trusts, Tax Refunds, Time Share

U   Underwriting

V    Vacation Homes

W   Works of Art, Watch

X    X-tra Change

Y    Yearly Bonuses, Yard Equipment

Z    Zero Based Bonds, Zoom Lens



Pope Francis has called us to be bold, to be missionaries and to be witnesses to Christ and His saving message.  Our Holy Father has called each of us to “constantly be ready to bring the love of Jesus to others, and this can happen unexpectedly and in any place: on the street, in a city square, during work, or on a journey.”  That is what it means to be a witness and to live our mission.  This is our call to give of ourselves, to offer our lives as a willing sacrifice in order to receive the very life of Christ, and to fulfill His mission by His Grace and strength to work in us.


Our financial generosity is one expression of how we can witness to the hope of the Lord’s message and build His kingdom here on earth.  Witness to Hope is an invitation to be an active missionary and evangelist for Christ Jesus, and what better way to do this than building a new church as a sign and witness to His enduring presence. 


There are several opportunities to give to our capital campaign with cash gifts, gifts of securities, recurring gifts, in-kind gifts, will or trust, and other creative gifts.  Please consider the various ways that you can support us as we strive to build the Kingdom, build the parish, and build our home. 


Will you help our parish family reach its goal?  No one person can do this momentous job alone, but if everyone does his or her personal best, we can accomplish this tremendous task.  No one will be pressured to give.  Amounts of commitments will remain confidential.  Every gift, no matter the size, will be valued and appreciated.  Every prayer is equally valuable.  Thank you!

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Most Holy Trinity Parish has made arrangements with Buckman, Buckman & Reid, Inc.  to assist those who want to contribute by means of the transfer of stock or other marketable securities.

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